Share a story about your best learning experience (could be a formal course or something more personal). Why did you enjoy it?

The best learning experience was at a computer science course a while back because of the way it was taught. The professor would first teach the new concepts or terms while explaining it. Next he would do the example using a code editor in front of everything while not allowing us to follow along so we can understand and interpret the terms to the coding. Finally he will use a new but similar example on the code editor where he allows us to follow along so we can apply our new found knowledge. This was a very organized course that helped all the students absorb the information and to apply it all the very same lecture. He would leave us with a problem where the solution is provided the next lecture to have us try to gain a further understanding.

Based on your reading, would you consider your current instruction style more behaviouralist, cognitivist, or constructivist? Elaborate with your specific mindset and examples.

After reading about the 3 instruction styles, I believe I am more of a cognitivist learner. A cognitivist is defined as the theory that focuses on how we receive, organize, store, and recall information in our minds. I believe that how I receive my information is important so that I can properly organize what I have learned and to store it and to recall that information to be used in future applications. This however, also falls a little on the line of constructivist which is defined as the theory that says learners construct knowledge rather than just passively take in information. Because as I organize the information I store I like to apply it later on which is like constructing my knowledge and using it.